Friday October 09 , 2015

Restore the Body. Invigorate the Mind. Elevate the Spirit.

No matter your age, experience or background, Pilates is for you! Classes at Pilates In Port encourage correct posture, strong sleek body lines, increased flexibility and agility, and a challenge to the mind. You will feel an inner and outer strength and move with a grace you never thought possible.

Learn more about Pilates benefits.

Don't believe it? It's true.

As professional dancers we know. Pilates increased our strength, flexibility, and aided us in injury prevention. Most of all we wanted to create the long, lean elegant look necessary for our dance careers. Pilates along with proper diet helped us reach our goals! It worked for us. It will work for you.

Join us in a safe, enjoyable exercise system that will transform your body. And your life..